What Is Our Goal for your Child?

“Anchoring children in love, education, and character” is so much more than a motto, or mere words to us– it’s our MISSION! Anchor School students are the living, breathing entities that are shaped and guided daily by our emphasis on early childhood benchmarks and school readiness standards. We also bring together diverse students with distinct abilities.

We realize that the beginning years of a child’s life are the most important years. Without a doubt, the years from birth to kindergarten comprise the most extraordinary period of development in a person’s lifetime.

Young children learn quite a bit through independent exploration; however, they need guidance. We believe a positive environment is a like safe harbor for children to develop and grow. By providing your child with a loving, stimulating, and fun-filled environment, our goal is to anchor your child in Character and Education.

Our Goals Are To Offer:

  • Family-Centered Environment

  • Emphasis on Early Learning

  • Preferred Foster Families Provider

  • Provide parents with complete peace of mind

An Environment of Excellence and Care

Anchor School is equipped with large classrooms and low teacher/student ratios. Our classes are arranged by learning and developmental milestones, with age-appropriate content. We ensure the safety of our students with a 2-tier personalized access system.

We strive to provide an environment that is designed to encourage exploration and interaction among children. Our planned activities throughout the day are designed to improve your child’s motor and cognitive skills.

We hope interaction with others will teach your children better social skills and make them realize tolerance from a young age, that people are different— not better, not worse, just different.

All these skills will be emphasized in a loving and caring environment. We strive to provide an atmosphere and learning style that give parents the peace of mind and confidence that their child is in very capable hands.

Meet Our Staff

MELISSA SIPLINOwner & Director
ROBIN JACKSONSchool Administrator
KIARA SMITHSchool Support Staffer
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